Sunday, June 23, 2013

Imagination Within Reason: Wiki Leaks, Snowden, & Dr. Seuss

Edward Snowden: The man charged with espionage after he leaked  the National Security Administration's collection of personal data.

WikiLeaks: A non-profit online organization that publishes classified information annoymously on its internationally-visited website.

While I'm Writing this blog entry, two headlines appear on One reads, "5 things about pot in America," another, "WikiLeaks Provides Asylum for Snowden in Ecuador."

Although George Orwell, author of Animal Farm  and 1984 was opposed to allusions and silly comparisons of his work, it's almost like Winston Smith is among us, ready to rebel at any moment.

Part of our society spends too much time in front of the TV, watching mindless programs that lack value and waste precious resources. The other part is anxiously striving to get the star-bellies.

Providing a post-modern version of Seussical! meant redefining the role of Seuss' beloved Cat in the Hat. Rather than a silly partner-in-crime, forever present in 90's children's television, our Cat would be a bit more like a big brother.

He's Seuss' memorable cat, swooping in unexpectedly, controlling every strain of fate, tempering with your adrenaline...

                 ...except interpreted differently.

This Cat is familiar. He's the endless talking head on your television. The valueless politician behind the podium. An electric company that controls your access to light. He's doing it to Winston too.

However, the key difference lies in the Cat's medium. You see, our Cat, although he has a divine control over your every move; it's all the means to an imaginative end.

Our Cat's tricks and trades prime the explosive imaginative spirit lurking inside every one of us.

That's the only way we, as a society, will get out of the mess which has been created. We must use our imagination again. And it begins with us.

We must get away from the television screen, the McDonald's drive through. Stop gossiping on Twitter and Instagraming a view, enjoy it yourself!

Enough of letting others choose our actions, our wants, our passions. Take command.

The Cat in the Hat, your childhood friend and tutor, will be leading the way.

And imagine that...

   began on a page.


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