Sunday, September 15, 2013

In the Streets 2013!

What a day!

HCSMT Liaison Lew Dean Interacting
with Festival Attendees 
HCSMT began yesterday's In the Streets festival volunteering with event organizers from Celebrate Frederick. At 7:30 AM, executive and creative team members were along Market Street preparing for the crowd of thousands later to come.

Throughout the festival, HCSMT continued its tradition of having costumed characters at an informational booth. Treasurer Joe Denicola, Liaison Lew Dean, and member Amber George played Spiderman, Captain America, and a princess while informing parents about Seussical's children auditions.

Per HCSMT's 2013 - 2014 commitment to raising awareness about literacy, our booth featured bookmarks with important season dates and info!

Meanwhile, back at campus, flash mob director Garrett Cline put some last minute touches on this year's flash mob and commenced the march to Market Street at around 2:30.

At approximately 3:10, "Don't Stop Believin" started blasting from the third street stage and a crowd of students, clad in blazer gear, starting running from the crowd and dancing within the intersection.

2013 Flash Mob 
Soon crowds of people lined the street to watch HCSMT's 2013 flash mob ensemble master the number.

After the crowds left, HCSMT members enjoyed a picnic in Baker Park, with food prepared by President Travis Gilbert's mom and aunt.

Several individuals need to be thanked. Without their support and guidance, HCSMT would not witness the success or challenge the leadership skills of its student members:

Cathy Gilbert & Deannie Schorr for preparing the delicious picnic food and providing essential behind-the-scenes help.

Garrett Cline, for shinning bright in the spotlight (as always) and for stepping up to the plate.

George Cassutto for filming the 2013 flash mob.

Julianne Berg, Ricardo Huerta, Lew Dean, Amber George, Elaheh Eghbal, Stacey Axler, and Joe Denicola for managing HCSMT's information booth.

David Gurzick for providing HCSMT the opportunity to give back to the Frederick Community and assisting in HCSMT's 2013 In the Streets participation.

And finally...

To all the 2013 flash mob performers. The group was full of wonderful and talented personalities, all whom had fun with the dance and left the crowds astounded. Great work!

Now, onward to the 2nd Annual Gender-Bender Cabaret! Stay tuned!

2013 Flash Mob Video

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