Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Audition Reflections

On Saturday and Monday, over twenty individuals auditioned for Seussical in Price Auditorium. Beginning with vocal selections and ending with dancing, I was truly astounded by the amount of talent found at Hood College. Students from a wide variety of classes, majors, and backgrounds auditioned, making my responsibilities extremely difficult.

After hearing everyone's songs, ranging from "Money, Money," "A Whole New World," and "Dentist!" I closed my eyes and imagined these individuals bringing Dr. Seuss' beloved characters to life on Brodbeck's stage. How animated would this individual act? Does the student truly understand the literary and historical backgrounds of the characters? Is the performer having fun and enjoying the company?

After spending an hour dancing, I immediately knew I was going to enjoy directing more than I expected. I was amazed at how well students took direction, how much laughter (painful) musical theatre smiles can create, and the visual difference between stressed, drilled dancing and light-hearted, giggly movements.

The company learned that there are no straight lines in Dr. Seuss books, so their movements on stage should never be direct, linear, or produced. We explored both horizontal and vertical leveling between performers, and imagined how our actions and expressions are experiences from the audience's perspective.

And, voila! After much thought, here is the official cast of Seussical! 

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