Friday, January 3, 2014

Tale of Two Moves

Seussical Set Materials En-Route to Price Auditorium
May 29, 2013 found HCSMT members transporting Avenue Q set pieces from Price Auditorium into a storage room in Alumnae Hall. Amidst 90 degree heat and a blazing sun,  2 X 4's and plywood was carefully tucked away for Seussical.

Fast forward to January...

This time, within swirling snow drifts and temperatures struggling to reach 25 degrees, Seussical director Travis Gilbert, children's director Julianne Berg, and tech team member Jaime Ramirez loaded handfuls upon handfuls of lumber onto a truck bound for Price Auditorium. Graciously assisted by SGA Student Life Chairperson Ray Rivera, the team collected the supplies for tomorrow's inaugural set construction day.

Check back tomorrow for a feature on Seussical's set and the volunteers who are building this unprecedented stage design.

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