Thursday, March 13, 2014

Horton Hears A Lew!

Hello everyone! I'm Lew Dean and I am playing Horton in Suessical. I am Liaison to HCSMT and I was a Bad Idea Bear in Avenue Q.

To start this post I should talk about why I auditioned for Horton. Honestly, I think I admired Horton and related to him more than the other characters. He is suffering from many of the same issues that plagues our society: exploited kindness, bullying, and being shunned. Although he faces such difficulties, Horton still manages to keep his head up and be kind to others. His actions send a really great message to the audience. Even though you may feel alone in the universe, if you just listen, there will be someone out there who believes in you. Being able to play Horton, and experiencing his kindness, is making me a genuinely better person. It has been a transformative experience, and the show hasn't even opened yet!

Before auditioning for Suessical, I actually didn't know much about the show besides being based off the books of Dr. Seuss. What truly connected me to the show was its characters, especially Horton, and the music. The music expresses the intense amount of emotion projected throughout the show. 

As far as the cast is concerned, no other group could be better. There are a lot of new faces in HCSMT this year. It is my co-performers that inspire me. They work as hard (or harder) than me, and they inspire me to perform my best every time that I go to rehearsal. It is interesting having a cast primarily filled with people younger than me, in contrast to my experience in Avenue Q last year. This year has brought a lot of talent that has truly allowed the story to shine. There is heartbreak, laughs, and joy throughout Suessical, and they have captured it all perfectly.    

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