Thursday, May 30, 2013

Set Hibernation

One, of many, van-loads of equipment.
As temperatures soared into the mid 90's on Wednesday, our committed Set Director, Teresa Case, along with recent graduates and HCSMT alumni Ashley Birdsell and Billy Lewis, moved the last bits of Avenue Q's set into storage for the summer/fall. Shoved into the back of Teresa's van, the remnants of Avenue Q's set will hibernate in the basement of Alumni Hall until December, when the creative team begins to construct the Seussical! set.

Initial set design meetings for Seussical! have been extremely productive. Initial discussions have included enlarging Brodbeck Music Hall's stage, a faux proscenium, and tons of visual effects! Our set must find a balance between aesthetically supportive yet minimalistic to induce the audiences' imagination. 

Just 10 months until the set is revealed! Are you excited?

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